The Process

Step 1: Film Selection

The first process in the decoration of your part is the selection of film. We have a large selection of patterns to choose from.


Step 2: Item Preparation

There are several steps we take to insure that the item to be dipped is properly prepared before applying the base coat. Such as cleaning, sanding & applying an adhesion promoter depending on the item to be dipped.


Step 3: Base Coat Painting

The next step in the process is the selection of an appropriate base coat color for your part. The color of the basecoat determines the final look of the dipped part.


Step 4: Film Preparation

The printing film is cut to size and carefully laid onto the water surface of the dipping unit. The carrier substance on which the pattern is printed dissolves while the pattern itself remains floating on the water.

Cutting film to size

Step 5: Activation

The floating image is treated with a special activating liquid which dissolves the components in the pattern's colors without affecting its structure and appearance.

Treating with activating liquid

Step 6: Image Transfer

The item is immersed in the water through the floating layer of liquefied pattern. The pressure of the water will cause the pattern to smooth itself evenly around the object in all places and adhere to it. The end result is the part completely covered in the pattern of your choice.

Immersing the item in liquefied pattern

Step 7: Washing and Drying

The printed parts are washed to remove any residue of the printing film and are allowed to dry.

Washing & Drying Item

Step 8: Clear Coating:

After undergoing a quality control inspection, the printed objects are ready for clear coating. Clear coating is necessary to protect the printed finish of the part. Depending on the film pattern and nature of the part, we will apply either a matte clear coat or a full high gloss.

Clear coating item